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In this image, the RF Shielded Faraday tent is 6m long, 4m wide and 3m high. This has been designed for secure meetings, Digital Forensics Labs, and various counter surveilance purposes. The RF Shielded Faraday Tent is large enough to fit vehicles upto Transits and Luton Vans, (to check for tracking bugs or mobile phones). Metal flooring is extra. All tents come with 30cm vents, 16A power and mesh windows. Options include Citadel, Air Conditioning, Additonal Doors, Additional Windows, Additional Power, Additional Lighting and much more.


All RF Shielded Tents are fully customisable. Sizes from 2m x 2m x 2.4m upwards.


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Disklabs - Faraday Tent

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