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Helps secure and isolate technology from radio signals – preventing hacking of data or evidence wiping.

Designed to enable digital forensic analysts to attach investigation tools such as Greykey, UFED or MSAB using an integrated RF Filtered USB3.0 interface to extract and analyse equipment for longer periods within a RF shielded environment.

Our faraday gloves mean you can operate a host of functions on your equipment including the review of emails, texts and SMS messages, pictures, images, documents and media storage areas. This desktop faraday box enables the user to connect equipment for power and USB data communications while having the confidence that the target device is RF shielded.


Blocks all signals

2G, 3G, 4G, & 5G


All of Disklabs Faraday bags are tested independently, if you wish to find out more about our latest testing results please contact us.

Disklabs Laboratory Box Large (LB4) With RF Filtered USB3.0

Excluding GST |
  • Facilitating digital forensic investigations.
    Allows USB3.0 connections through a 70dB filtered port.
    Enables external digital forensic tools to attach to equipment within the faraday box.
    Prevents remote data attacks.
    Preventing devices being hacked or located. 

    Isolating equipment within EMC test facilities.


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