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The all-new Router Shield 2 is a two piece router shield with a black wrinkle powder coated frame/chassis and a heavy gauge perforated aluminum shielding housing with a rubber plastic grommet to direct wiring into the housing.


This is the next generation of router guards designed to protect your environments from the EMF and RF waves emitted from routers and boosters.


The Router Shield 2 is a designer grade Faraday cage that blocks approx. 85% of the EMF or RF waves emitted from WiFi routers . It is perfectly balanced to stand upright or to sit sideways on a shelf, table or desk. It has an aesthetic appeal and will fit seamlessly into your decor while managing the waves in your environment.


Router Shield 2 is simple and easy to use. Unplug your routers cables, take a picture to remember where each cable was plugged into, slide up the perforated shielding housing and drop your router in the Router Shield 2 chassis. Reconnect the cables through the rubberized plastic grommet and slide the shielding housing back into the chassis.


The Router Shield 2 is made for most small WiFi routers that fit into a 10″x9″x 3.5″ enclosure. Please measure your router and make sure there is at least 1″ of space for the cables to fit.


The Router Shield 2 XL fits larger residential and commercial routers. This includes routers from communications companies such as AT&T & Comcast/Xfinity. The size of the Router Shield 2 XL is 11″x13″x 3.5″.


Please review your size of router to determine which size is best for you. Also, please take into account any base structure that is on your router.


If you need assistance please contact us via email.

Faraday Defense Router Shield 2 / 2XL

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