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A large holdall- style bag that is designed to isolate and transport a large quantity of electronic devices or goods where there is a suspicion that tracking devices may have been discretely installed. It has a zip top and a carrying strap and handles. This bag is also lockable with evidence tags. This product comes in 2 sizes Large - 40Ltr and Extra Large - 80Ltr

Disklabs - Faraday Holdall Bag Shield 3

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  • Product Code: HS3-40ltr

    Dimensions: Internal 45cm x 31cm x 28.5cm

    Window: No

    Strap or Handle: Yes


    Product Code: HS3-80ltr

    Dimensions: Internal 67cms x 33cm x 32cm

    Window: No

    Strap or Handle: Yes

  • Disklabs Faraday Bags effectively block the following signals: 

    125kHz Contactless Card/ RFID

    134.2kHz Contactless Card/ RFID

    13.56MHz Contactless Card/ RFID

    150MHz VHF Portable Comms

    390MHz TETRA Comms (Emergency/ MOD radios)

    450MHz UHF Portable Comms

    850MHZ UTMS (New ESN emergency comms network)

    940MHz Mobile Phones / First Generation

    1.4GHz Mobile Phones/ Second / Third Generation

    1.8GHz Mobile Phones/ Third Generation

    2.1 GHz Mobile Phones/ Fourth/ Fifth Generation

    2.3GHz Mobile Phones / Fourth/ Fifth Generation

    2.4GHz Wi-Fi (2GHz Wi-Fi)

    2.6GHz  4G Mobile Data

    3.4GHz  5G Mobile Data

    5GHz Wi Fi (5GHz Wi Fi)

    11GHz Radar

    34GHz Military Radar

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