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The LB2 is a portable Faraday Laboratory Box designed to facilitate the integration of digital devices within a RF shielded environment. The LB2 features an integrated pair of RF-shielded gloves to allow easy operations of devices for intelligence gathering or digital forensic investigation. When not in use the LB2 folds down to allow for easy transport or storage.
(LB2) Internal size is 32.5cm x 37cm x 14cm.


The LB4 is our largest Desktop Faraday enclosure, designed to enable digital forensic analysts and technicians to attach investigation tools and equipment to a target device within a RF shielded environment for longer term operation. The operator benefits from a large viewable window enabling visibility of all devices held within the faraday enclosure.


(LB4) External assembled dimensions : L 45cm x W 50cm x H32cm x 48cm 

Window dimensions : L 32cm x W48cm


When not in use the LB4 folds down to allow for easy storage.

Disklabs - Faraday Laboratory Box

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  • Laboratory Box LB2

    The internal size: 32.5cm x 37cm x 14cm.

    External dimensions: W 35cm, H 39cm (closed) 65cm (open) D 15cm

    Laboratory Box Large LB4

    External dimensions: L 45cm X W 50cm X H 32cm

    Window dimensions: L 32cm x W 48cm

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