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A small, windowless bag that will isolate one mobile phone, GPS or other similar-sized device.  It is used to ensure that mobile phones cannot be connected to remotely, preventing remote hacking, remote wiping of data/evidence and remote surveillance.  Provided with a clip to enable cable tie securing.


Suitable for security seal, tamper and identification pull tight zip ties.


Keeps devices safe and secure by blocking Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMP and  EMF.


  • All iPhones
  • All Samsung Galaxy 
  • All Google Pixel 
  • clearPHONE 220 Series
  • Perfect for storing a backup device, Cryptocurrency hardware wallet, or backing up sensitive data for long-term storage for EMP

Disklabs - Faraday Phone Shield Lockable

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  • Dimensions (folded height): 11cm (width) x 19cm (height)

    Window: No

  • Disklabs Faraday Bags effectively block the following signals: 

    125kHz Contactless Card/ RFID

    134.2kHz Contactless Card/ RFID

    13.56MHz Contactless Card/ RFID

    150MHz VHF Portable Comms

    390MHz TETRA Comms (Emergency/ MOD radios)

    450MHz UHF Portable Comms

    850MHZ UTMS (New ESN emergency comms network)

    940MHz Mobile Phones / First Generation

    1.4GHz Mobile Phones/ Second / Third Generation

    1.8GHz Mobile Phones/ Third Generation

    2.1 GHz Mobile Phones/ Fourth/ Fifth Generation

    2.3GHz Mobile Phones / Fourth/ Fifth Generation

    2.4GHz Wi-Fi (2GHz Wi-Fi)

    2.6GHz  4G Mobile Data

    3.4GHz  5G Mobile Data

    5GHz Wi Fi (5GHz Wi Fi)

    11GHz Radar

    34GHz Military Radar

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