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A small, windowless bag that will isolate one mobile phone, GPS or other similar-sized device.  It is used to ensure that mobile phones cannot be connected to remotely, preventing remote hacking, remote wiping of data/evidence and remote surveillance.  Provided with a clip to enable cable tie securing.


Suitable for security seal, tamper and identification pull tight zip ties.


Keeps devices safe and secure by blocking Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMP and  EMF.


Perfect for storing a backup device, Cryptocurrency hardware wallet, or backing up sensitive data for long-term storage for EMP

Disklabs - Faraday Phone Shield Lockable

$139.95 Regular Price
$125.96Sale Price
Excluding GST |
  • Dimensions (folded height): 11cm (width) x 19cm (height)

    Window: No

    Size Guide


    • iPhone 15/Pro/Plus/Pro Max
    • iPhone 15/Pro/Plus/Pro Max
    • iPhone 13/Pro/Pro Max
    • iPhone 12/Pro/Pro Max
    • iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max
    • iPhone XS/Max
    • iPhone XR
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone 8/ Plus
    • iPhone 7/ Plus
    • GalaxyA32
    • Galaxy S23/+
    • Galaxy S22/Ultra/+
    • Galaxy S21/+
    • Galaxy S20/+
    • Pixel 7/Pro
    • Pixel 6/a
    • clearPHONE 220 Series


    clearPHONE 220 Series

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