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The Faraday Stainless Box Enclosure is a premium, custom-fabricated faraday cage. Faraday cages distribute a charge or radiation around the cage’s conductive exterior. It cancels out electric charges or radiation within the cage’s interior, making it a hollow conductor. The charge remains on the external surface of the cage, protecting electronics inside the box. This enclosure provides >100dB attenuation at 400 MHz- 40 GHz. The Stainless Box Enclosure is useful for law enforcement, forensics, military, travel privacy, anti-tracking and ID theft. Built with premium quality components, including, heavy-duty latches and a sturdy set-in handle, this enclosure is built for superior performance. Box dimensions are 19.25″L x 12.25″W x 3.25″H.


• Meeting security
• Aerospace applications
• Military applications
• Forensics applications
• Device security


• Stainless Steel
• Conductive Gasket


Premium Faraday Cage custom-fabricated for maximum protection of your electronics.


Faraday Stainless Enclosure


Premium quality components, >100dB attenuation, heavy-duty latches, flush-mount handle and superior performance make the Faraday Stainless Box Enclosure the preferred faraday cage for protection needs. It can be used for nesting with Faraday Defense NEST-Z or NX3 series bags. The box is durable with a rust-proof exterior and lined with a rubber insole for extra protection and frequency transfer reduction. 



– Interior Dimensions: 12.5″ x 19.25″ x 3.25″

– >100dB Attenuation 100MHz-10GHz

– Excellent EMP, Solar Flare Protection

– Heavy Duty Clasps

– Unique, Flush Mount Lid and Handle

– The box is built with a rubber insole for protection and frequency transfer reduction.

– The Stainless Box Enclosure is custom designed with a unique flush-mount lid and handle, making      it compact and easy to carry.

Solid Metal Faraday Cage Box – Hinged & Latched Stainless Steel

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